Congratulations! New ICS Officers Elected!

The ICS Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the 2015-16 election results. The total number of voters is 31, accounting for 46% of total ICS voting members. Thank you to all who voted!

Congratulations to the candidates below on being elected officers for 2015-2016!

Martha Knuth
Medical Librarian, Department of the Medical Library, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine.

Emily Glenn
Community Health Outreach Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region.

ICS Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee
Donna Flake
Director, Robert M. Fales Health Sciences Library, SEAHEC / South East Area Health Education Center

They will assume office at the conclusion of MLA ’15 in Austin, TX. The committee thanks the candidates for their willingness to serve!


ICS Nominating Committee 2014-15
Kathy Kwan (Chair)
Emily Glenn
Rick Ralston
Wendy Wu
Yingting Zhang


Recap: ICS 25th Birthday & MLA’14

Dear all ICS members,

I just wanted to thank everyone for a special MLA’14 to celebrate ICS’s 25th anniversary in Chicago!!

Please check out a picture of the cake and a write up of the International Visitors Reception by Martha Knuth, ICS Secretary/Treasurer. It was delicious! At the reception, MLA President, Dixie Jones, read a resolution honoring ICS’s 25th anniversary. Read the resolution here.

Once I have access to the pictures taken by MLA headquarters during the International Visitors Reception, I will share them with you all.  However, please view photos of the Reception and events on Flickr by using the mlaics tag to find photos from MLA 2014 and prior conferences.

A small group, led by Donna Flake, wrote an update d history of ICS which included  highlighting the notable ICS events over the past 25 years.  In addition, a summary version was just published in the May 2014 issue of MLA News: Thanks to Donna and everyone in the group!

For a write up about other ICS activities at MLA’14,  please read Martha Knuth’s blog postings on the ICS dining circles and open forum, and the ICS session. Thanks Martha!

Last, but not the least, the ICS gift basket, coordinated by Ramune Kubilius, was well received and auctioned off at a great price! Thanks to everyone who donated the items and to Ramune for coordinating the basket!

It has been a pleasure to serve as your Chair over the past year. I’m delighted to pass the baton to Gurpreet (Preet) Rana, your new ICS Chair. I know that Preet will continue to foster ICS to be a stronger section which serves our mission and members better!

Kathy Kwan
ICS Immediate Past Chair


Happy 25th Birthday ICS!

From MLA ’14 Blog post by Martha Knuth.

The International Cooperation Section celebrated their 25th birthday with a lovely party hosted by Kathy Kwan. Attended by many MLA members both national and international, everyone had a lovely time reminiscing about ICS’s involvement and achievements over delicious hors d’oeuvres and birthday cake. Guests also were encouraged to dress in traditional clothing from their home country which made for a beautiful gathering!


MLA President, Dixie Jones, kindly dropped by to give a lovely speech on behalf of MLA thanking ICS for all their work over the years. ICS also thanked Tovah Reis for her generous contribution to the ICS Treasury on behalf of her late husband. Everyone enjoyed the display table of past activities and pictures. Also included was a magnificent basket to be included in the scholarship auction that included many donations from our international guests. Thank you everyone for attending! It was a lovely time.